The Weenie Wonder


Meet Skipper

The Inspiration Behind It All


Skipper's Story

In the fall of 2004, the Pilla family decided they wanted to welcome another member into their family. They drove to the house of a dachshund breeder in a nearby town to check out the five little weenies for sale. Out of the five, there were four black short-haired and one brown weenie that was calmly sitting in the corner of the room while his siblings were acting wild. The Pilla's fell in love with him and named him, Skipper.


Skipper was always an active dog and would jump off furniture and down the stairs. Little did the Pilla family know, this was very unhealthy for Skipper's back. During a family camping vacation, Skipper began to act differently. He would shiver in pain in his bed and refused to eat his food. When the Pilla's returned from vacation, they took Skipper to the vet where he was prescribed a daily pain medication. The medication didn't work, so they returned to the vet where Skipper was diagnosed with IVDD. 


The Pilla family saw themselves in a very scary situation where they almost lost Skipper at such a young age. They were fortunate enough to afford surgery for Skipper and it was a success! They tried to rehab Skipper after surgery, but it was unsuccessful. Luckily, Skipper received a package from a family friend, that little did he know, would change his and the Pilla family's life. In the package was a...


...A Pair of Wheels


The wheels became Skipper's new back legs and gave him a second chance at life. Ten years later, Skipper has been happily rolling around in his wheels, competing in wiener dog races and even having an ice cream truck named after him. He will forever go down in history and will serve as a sign of hope for families and dogs who become affected by IVDD. 


Go Skipper Go...